12 May

Dear friend

We hope you are doing great!

This is an updating about what the Lord is doing in Nicaragua through us. In the last days we blessed with food 250 families; 150 families in San Rafael and 100 families in San Marcos. This means that we have touched 2 departments of Nicaragua (states).

Statistically it is known that the majority of Nicaraguans survive with less than $2 (US currency) a day. Child malnutrition is a constant problem in Nicaragua. This is why our commitment remains firm in serving our country.

Our desire is not only to keep feeding people but also to develop initiatives to educate and prepare the citizens to face the challenges of life.

Please remember that there are 3 ways to support us: it can be by keeping us in your prayers, donating to our account through zelle "Maranatha Christian Mission" or sending your check to 1424 Tatum Dr. Arlington, TX 76012 and by joining us in mission trips to Nicaragua.

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