Roger & Yolanda Leyton

Presidents and Founders

Roger and Yolanda founded Maranatha Christian Mission in 1981. They have a lifelong experience in ministry, serving in several countries including the USA and Latin America. The Lord gave them a "God given mandate" to reach the lost in their birth country of Nicaragua. They have so much love, passion, and dedication to share the gospel, equip and train the local pastors, and feed the needy. They've been able to do so by partnering and working together with different ministries that are helping fulfill this mandate.

Daniel Boniche

Apostle Coordinator

Apostle Boniche is based on Nicaragua and he does several tasks for the ministry including organize the meetings with pastors and coordinate projects. He has a lot of experience as civil engineer along with several years of experience working with different Missionaries and ministries.

Santos Lopez

Apostle Coordinator of the west

Pastor Lopez has several years of experience in ministry. He lives in Leon and is currently pastoring Jehova Jireh Church. He also has experience in agriculture. He has a heart for the pastoral leadership and strives on building relationships with them.

Bill Nevius

Vice-President/USA Accountant

Bill has several years of experience as an accountant. He loves the Lord and has a special heart for Nicaragua. He has been Maranatha Christian Mission's accountant since 1991 and has faithfully volunteered his time and work for the Ministry with no other objective than to serve the Lord and our people.

Manuel Garcia

Executive Secretary

Pastor Manuel helps by organizing meetings and planning events. He has a gift of connecting with pastors and bringing them on board our vision. He is also the Senior Pastor in Ministerio Internacional El Rey Jesus.

Dina Elizabeth Lopez

Finance Chief

Elizabeth oversees the finances in Nicaragua, working along with the Apostles and pastors. She meets with the pastors and follows up on our projects.