I felt filled and blessed by the exposed Word of Unity, I am willing to continue this beautiful process of unity. It is the first time in my life as a pastor that I have been invited to an event like this. We received physical food, but spiritual food and the unity and harmony of the Lord's body were more important. In this sector basic grains are very scarce, they are very expensive. I ask you to pray also to finish the construction of the Temple 

Pastor Marcos Gonzales
Pastor in Nicaragua

 I feel very happy and blessed by the material and spiritual bread that I received! It is exciting to feel loved and remembered by our family in Christ from so far away. The word we received was powerful, it filled my heart and I am challenged to continue to grow faithfully in serving the King” 

Pastor Felix Soza

 I feel lulled as when the hen snuggles the chicks- - What a great blessing that my eyes have seen the denominational unity, all together, we had years of not seeing each other today we rejoice" 

Pastor Selso Martinez